Getting better is not simply about taking some magic pill that tastes good and doesn’t ask you to change your life.

Often times, though, we are asked to heal and move in a direction that is too challenging for us. We feel we do not have enough support, that nothing works well, and that it isn’t worth the effort anyway. We end up blocking our natural healing abilities and the healing force within us.


There are many twists and turns, ups and downs in anyone’s life and so it goes with healing.

I am here to help you move in a healing direction with your body, mind, and spirit. You are a soul experiencing life through your body and it is important that you have a good connection with it! It is also important that you have a good connection with supportive people and with your surroundings and environment. We are people living on an earth that also has the power to heal.


A healthful spirit fosters a healthful life and body.

This means eating quality, fresh, preferably organic foods. Getting exercise and connecting with others and nature. It also means leaving behind and healing things that are toxic – toxic homes, toxic food, toxic relationships, toxic attitudes, etc.

Mental attitude and the mind-body connection is much more complicated than simply trying to wish away your problems and symptoms. It is also much more rewarding. A healthful spirit knows how to be truly positive and connected to a divine source that enriches all life.


Let today be the beginning of your peaceful, healing journey. Let me be your guide, working with you to meet your health goals.

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