Service Descriptions

Your First Appointment

This consultation usually lasts between an hour and an hour and a half so that I can really get to know you and your health (an approach known as Functional Medicine). This time generally includes an acupuncture treatment and an herbal consultation as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations. If you receive an allergy elimination treatment at this appointment, it is an additional $10.00

If you have a severe condition and/or are traveling from a long distance, you have the option to choose a longer (up to 3 hours) first session.


Acupuncture has been used for over 2,000 years as a healing form for pain and other conditions. Very thin, solid, metallic needles are inserted and gently manipulated by the hands or electrical stimulation. Most people find acupuncture treatments to be relaxing and are usually painless.

Herbal Consultation

During an herbal consult, I recommend herbal treatments for your health concerns and if we decide it is best, I can also write a customized herbal formula just for you using traditional Chinese herbs. I may also recommend vitamins and nutritional supplements as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Allergy Treatments

An AET treatment (Allergy Elimination Treatment) is an acupuncture treatment specifically designed to systematically rebalance the body to reduce reactions to allergens and sensitivities. It is similar to biofeedback but uses acupuncture to train the body to have healthier responses to common allergenic triggers.  The form I practice is most like NAET or BioSET. Usually one allergen at a time is treated for and you must be willing to avoid this allergen/food item, etc for the 25 hours after your treatment. This is a very powerful type of treatment and requires you to be diligent during your 25 hour restriction. I have seen amazing results over and over again with this type of treatment. Allergies can be treated with this more modern AET type of acupuncture treatment, or I can treat allergies with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) acupuncture and herbal remedies.  If your body is struggling with many health issues, we may need to treat with TCM acupuncture before your body is ready for AET allergy treatments.

Phone Appointment (for established patients)

During phone appointments, I ask the same thorough questions that I do when I see you in person. I make herbal, nutritional, and supplement recommendations as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations with you. If you need help with a symptom or condition that requires you to see someone in person, please do so. You must see me in person for an initial appointment before you are eligible for this service. You are also generally required to see me in person once per year in order to remain eligible for this option.