The Other Way to Listen

Learning how to listen “the other way” has been one of the most valuable assets in my life. It has given me peace and fulfillment, guided me during challenging moments, taught me to see the healing way forward with my health. In my clinical practice, listening this “other way” has also been invaluable. Of course I do my best to listen to all of the symptoms and concerns that my patients present at their appointments. Listening to the words and facial expressions and all of the traditional ways of listening are crucial to finding the right diagnosis and treatment plan. However, listening more deeply, to the subtleties that exist beyond the words often brings the many complex puzzle pieces together and comes with a sense of peace and strength that healing is not only possible but near.

I invite you too to learn how to listen “the other way” to your natural world around you and to the natural world within you.

The inspiring video “Sanctuaries of Silence” and the beautiful picture book “The Other Way to Listen” by Byrd Baylor and Peter Parnall are great ways to get started if you are interested. You have probably already begun and maybe even used to listen this way as a child and just need a little reminder of the other way (as we all do from time to time when things get hectic or overwhelming).

My hope is that if we all (myself included) learn to listen this way more and more, we can be united as people to heal not just ourselves but together as a planet.

The Other Way to Listen: A wonderful children’s picture book (but suitable for all ages) about a child who learns how to listen to the songs and sounds of the natural world