FREE online Autism Intensive!

Norm and Katie

Here I am with Norm Schwartz, MD – my own doctor and mentor for the past two decades. He is the one who introduced me to environmental and functional medicine 20 years ago!

I am so excited to announce the FREE online Autism Intensive that starts January 10, 2016!  My own doctor and mentor (Dr. Norm Schwartz, MD) has been working on this project for the past 8 months interviewing leading experts on autism from around the country!

The Autism Intensive Summit is an online free series of interviews, with the option of purchasing the entire series including an E book that he has written on the connection between autism and the environment and what to do about it. 
Whether addressing autism or a related disorder (ADHD, allergies, asthma, autoimmune disorders, mood disorders and more), you’ll gain valuable insight. Here is the link to the trailer and website: