Creative Solutions

Sometimes with illness, we find ourselves in troublesome jams and we feel like we cannot escape.  We get an overriding sense of feeling stuck and that we need rescuing or we’ll never find our way back to freedom.

We may need to “push aside what gives us comfort” and then “get really grounded” as we “push ourselves in a new direction”.

“Thinking outside the box” (or crib) allows us to see a new way forward so that we can free ourselves and regain a better sense of health. Having learned this process, it becomes easier to repeat should we find ourselves in the same situation again. 🙂

In my practice, I do not want to simply rescue my patients.  I want to facilitate their healing and help them to learn a healthy sense of empowerment. Only then are they able to learn and incorporate the skills needed to regain and maintain health.  There are some things (like acupuncture!) that my patients won’t be able to do on their own, but there are many things I teach my patients that help them to live with more joy and fewer health problems.